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URLS for Familial Mediterranean Fever Research.

A Variety of URLS for Familial Mediterranean Fever Research.

The following articles cover a wide variety of symptoms and signs of FMF and include diagnosing the illness as well as treatment. Some are more technical than others and some may be good for printing and taking to your doctors if necessary:
Shariz Medical Journal - This article has the DIAGRAM of SYMPTOMS that I have often used.
Jewish Genetic Diseases - FMF
Mayo Clinic -
Familial Mediterranean fever
GENETICS Home Reference - FMF
Molecular Genetics in Clinical Practice
Familial Mediterranean Fever: The
Genetics of Inflammation - this article has the map of spread of FMF throughout the Mediterranean, by Dr. Daniel Kastner, chief researcher FMF at NIH and pretty technical but worth taking a look at:
Genetic and Rare Diseases Info - FMF
National Human Genome Research Institute
University of MD,
Merck Manual - FMF
An interview w/ Dr. Terry Getzug - I posted to this site a couple of times.....
Uncommon clinical pattern of FMF: protracted febrile myalgia syndrome - this is the "fibromyalgia" of FMF - many in the USA are being given this diagnosis.
TEXTBOOK of Medicine

MEFV (NM_000243.1) sequence variants

INFEVERS Home page:
The registry of Hereditary Auto-inflammatory Disorders Mutations
(includes other fever disorders)

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